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Hi! My name is Gerard Vink (1982), I am a graphic & typographic designer and studied Graphic Design & Typography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (The Netherlands). After graduating I began working as a self-employed / independent designer in Rotterdam. Due to my wide interest in the world of creating and exploring, I am always looking for challenging problems to solve and interesting people to debate with.

Although I see myself primarily as a graphic & typographic designer, I strongly believe that in order to perform best within this field, other disciplines within art and design must be explored. So besides working as a graphic & typographic designer I am also highly interested in film, photography, architectural design, public space(s), cultural history and sociology.

Gerard Vink is part of the Rotterdam Collective and founder of Buro Backyard.


[TENT Academy Awards 2012]

TENT Academy Awards 2012 - Foto Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans (2)TAA_2012_awardTENT Academy Awardshow 2012 (foto Aad Hoogendoorn) (88)

[SHS GrAphorism | Winston Churchill]

[China op de Kaap]

[Rotterdam Collective Anniversary]

[Interactive Landscapes – Daan Roosegaarde]

Again a collaborative work with Paul Swagerman, designing the typography for Interactive Landscapes (NAi Publishers).

[Chiara & Ivo type]

[Stichting C.o.C.A.]


A short movie clip based on my favorite poem of the Dutch writer/poet Jules Deelder (Rotterdam, 1944) ‘Reisgedicht’. It is short, sharp and an has an unexpected twist.

[Progressive Realities]

Publication for the launch of Dune 4.2 (interactive art installation by Daan Roosegaarde) at the Esch, Rotterdam. I was asked by colleague designer Paul Swagerman to take care of the typographical design.

[Het Landschap Gaat voorbij]

[Bruce Nauman]

[‘U bent de schuldige!’]

[Guus Vredenburg]

A flexible logo image for cooking creative Guus Vredenburg. Based on the outnumbering activities of Guus I created a concept for a renewable logo image and build a generator using Python. This formed the base for his visual identity which was further designed and completed by Paul Swagerman.

[Anno Fekkes]

[Gerard Vink]

[Nevermind the Graphic Design Department]


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